Education Minister launches “Enforcement Action Register” for NQF services

The Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has launched the “Child Care Enforcement Action Register“, a new resource on the Department of Education website that publicly identifies services that have been the subject of a sanction under the tax laws that oversee NQF services.

In a press release titled “Dodgy child care providers named and shamed”, Minister Birmingham said that the list would provide families with more information when choosing a children’s service. The list also places NQF Approved Providers on notice regarding fraudulent activity.

“This register should serve as a warning to providers that if you’re non-compliant and do the wrong thing you will be hung out to dry,” Minister Birmingham said.

During both the Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull Governments, the Department of Education has demonstrated a much stronger focus on cracking down on fraud and compliance issues.

The majority of providers listed on the Register operate in the Family Day Care sector, which has been the strong focus of previous compliance enforcement and regulatory changes.

According to the Minister, 141 compliance actions were undertaken in the 2016/2017 financial year, accounting for less than 1% of approved NQF services.

The Register will be updated every quarter.

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