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The Framework has been a long time coming.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that the National Quality Framework is only entering its seventh year in 2018. It marked a significant turning point away from services being seen as little more than structured babysitting, to a key foundational part of Australia’s education system.

I’ve spent a lot of that time thinking and writing about the early childhood education sector, primarily over at my own personal blog. Posts became more infrequent as other work took over, and I was also fortunate to start a weekly podcast with a couple of good friends and colleagues that allowed me to comment on and analyse the sector.

But what I’ve always wanted access to was a site where I could read the latest news about everything that happens under the NQF, that had a strong ethos of upholding professionalism and advocating for children, as well as educators and communities. A place where news would sit alongside analysis that would call out the good and bad that was happening in the sector, and provide educators with a way to keep up-to-date as well as informed.

Luckily for me, Northside agreed – and here we are.

Taking on the role of Editor and chief writer for The Framework is a very exciting challenge. Those who have read some of my other writing will know that there are particular areas that interest me – advocacy, professional recognition, children’s rights – and that I want to highlight issues that may not be covered much, or put forward ideas that may be against the grain.

Those things will all be there in The Framework. But, the sector is so much wider and broader than Northside and myself, so you’ll be hearing from lots of different voices as well. You’ll be able to find opinion and analysis that will bring multiple views to bear on the big issues.

As we go forward, there are a lot of things that I hope The Framework will be. But there are also a couple of things it will never be or do.

Firstly, we will take language and terminology seriously. Unless we’re directly quoting, you won’t be seeing “childcare” and “childcare workers” in our writing. As a site focused on exploring and promoting the National Quality Framework, we’ll be using and promoting “early childhood education” and “educators”.

Secondly, we’re on the side of children, educators and early education, not particular political parties or organisations. Our reporting and analysis will focus on casting a critical eye over sector developments, changes and policies. We won’t be holding back from letting people know when we think children or the sector haven’t got a good deal.

The Framework is going to be about the National Quality Framework and everything that falls under it, but it’s also going to be about giving readers a framework for thinking about and exploring the sector.

2018 is going to be another big year for the sector. I hope The Framework can help the sector navigate it.


Liam McNicholas
Editor, The Framework


  1. Great work. I love reading you opinions and listening to the pod cast. Debate and analysis excites me so I am looking forward to reading The Framework.
    Thanks for feeding and nourishing my mind.

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