Early childhood educators to walk off the job in March, highlight low wages

Early childhood educator’s union United Voice have escalated their campaign for professional wages, announcing that educators around Australia will walk off the job on March 27.

United Voice has launched a marketing campaign to encourage community support for the walk-off, particularly from families of young children enrolled in early childhood centres.

Assistant General Secretary for United Voice Helen Gibbons said: ““We are asking the community to stand with us to fight the appalling gender pay gap facing this vital, growing, and important workforce.

“We have an educated, skilled workforce only earning around $21 an hour, that’s half the average wage – and this inequitable situation can no longer be tolerated.”

The walk-off action comes after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did not respond to a February 1 deadline to remedy educator’s low wages with a 35% increase.

United Voice is also currently running a Pay Equity Case with Fair Work Australia, arguing that the low wages are due to the workforce being overwhelmingly female. The Case started in 2013, and is due to continue until later this year.

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