Five charts that show Australia’s poor performance in early education

The new Report Card from ARACY has drawn on a range of national and international data and indicators to provide a snapshot of children’s outcomes in areas such as health, wellbeing and education. We took a look at statistics relevant to National Quality Framework services – here are five charts that demonstrate just how Australia is faring.

#1 – We just about make the average for enrolment rates for children in the first three years – but we’re not improving.

Aracy Report Card 1 (1).png

#2 – But that’s where the good news stops. Our rates for children aged 4 and 5 are one of the worst in the OECD.

Aracy Report Card 2

#3 – We’re also trailing in time spent in early education before school – despite how important we know it is.

Aracy Report Card 3

#4 – In terms of formal preschool participation in the year before school, we’re coming second-last in the OECD.

Aracy Report Card 4

#5 – And despite endless reports, inquiries and “reforms”, we still have a huge problem with how affordable early education is – which we know affects the most disadvantaged.

Aracy Report Card 5

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