Overwhelming public support for three-year-old preschool: Essential Report

An Essential Research poll has shown that 77% of Australians support early education programs for two years before school.

The results of the survey released this week show that the public are overwhelmingly in favour of extending the current funding for 4-year-olds to access an early education service to 3-year-olds, in line with international evidence.

For children experiencing or at risk of disadvantage, supporting access for 3-year-olds increases to 81%.

The findings will put pressure on the major political parties to commit to extending preschool funding.

However, the survey also shows that the public is split over providing funding support for children whose parents are not in the workforce, with 42% saying no support should be provided, compared to 43% saying support should be provided to those families.

The results suggest that the Government’s message on parental workforce participation being a prerequisite for children’s subsidised access to early education has been effective.

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