UNICEF to consult with children on report to United Nations

UNICEF Australia has begun consultations with children around Australia as they prepare the Children’s Report, due later this year.

The Report will focus on how children’s rights are upheld according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Australia signed in 1990. Children experiencing disadvantage, exclusion and isolation will also be consulted. It will be provided to the United Nations in November by the the Australian Child Rights Taskforce of NGOs.

“For the most part, children in Australia enjoy access to services, a decent standard of living, and positive opportunities to grow and develop,” said UNICEF Australia’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, Amy Lamoin.

“However, not all groups of children in Australia have a fair chance in life, and UNICEF Australia, like many Australians, is concerned about increasing rates of inequality. We also know that we haven’t made sufficient progress over the past thirty years for our most vulnerable children – and we are seeing that transition into low outcomes in their adulthoods.”

As has been revealed in previous research and analysis, including ARACY’s Report Card on child wellbeing, while Australia has made some improvements for children in many areas outcomes have actually worsened – most particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

UNICEF Australia are particularly highlighting the importance of involving children in the development of the Report, and in wider areas of policy development. “We need to truly commit to encouraging children’s participation in the approaches we design that impact upon them,” said Ms Lamoin.

Progress on the development of the Report can be followed on UNICEF’s website.


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