The EYLF at 10

Introducing: The EYLF at 10

October 2018 marks a significant milestone for Australia’s NQF sector. Ten years ago, a group of researchers, practitioners and experts were brought together to begin developing Australia’s first curriculum document for the first five years – The Early Years Learning Framework.

In announcing the formation of this consortium in October 2008, Julia Gillard – who was at that time the Education Minister – made this announcement:

A consortium of early childhood experts led by Charles Sturt University (CSU) will develop the national Early Years Learning Framework to improve outcomes and opportunities for children during their critical early years.

The Framework will guide early childhood educators in developing quality early childhood programs. It will also inform parents, families and the early childhood workforce about the importance of young children’s learning.

The Early Years Learning Framework will recognise the importance of play-based learning, communication and language, including early literacy and numeracy as well as emotional and social development.

It will also set out the broad parameters, principles and outcomes required to support and enhance children’s learning from birth to five years of age as well as their transition to school.

The CSU Consortium is made up of early childhood academics, practitioners, service providers, peak body representatives, professional organisations and consultants.

These experts have an in-depth understanding of the early childhood sector and extensive experience in working with children, families, early childhood educators and other key stakeholders.

To mark this important milestone for the sector, The Framework will be running a new series of articles and interviews over the coming months called The EYLF at 10. We will be speaking to many of the original members of that consortium to hear their thoughts on the development of the EYLF, how it has been used – and what it’s future might be.

Our first interview will be available later this week. We hope you enjoy this retrospective on Australia’s first curriculum for young children, and join us in celebrating 10 years since this remarkable achievement first began.

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  1. This grew out of the 2020 National Symposium that had been held earlier in the year, which saw over 80 Early childhood Experts from across the nation brought together think about what this National Curriculum Framework could be, I was one of two Early childhood practitioners at that gathering, the other was Judy Radich. Everyone else came from Academia or from the executive wings of large providers.

    A letter I had written to Prime Minister. Hon. Kevin Rudd, was read out during the opening address by Hon. Maxine McKew, who also decided to visit the centre in July 2008 following the Symposium. As always. it was about the very strong role that early childhood services have in supporting families, but also in enabling the whole community to see the value EC and how this plays out through the life span.

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