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IN PRACTICE: Every move we make influences children

In your early education service, have you ever stopped to think that every time you move – you influence children? Children near you, children nearby, children far away. Your physical positions, the conversations, and the type of conversations influence how children see themselves in your setting.

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IN PRACTICE: Do children belong everywhere? (Part 1)

As part of our ongoing exploration of Indigenous art in the Preschool Room, we took a group of nine Preschool Children to the National Gallery of Australia to view some of the Indigenous exhibits. When I initially planned on documenting our experience, I had a vision of an easy to read story about a pleasant day at the gallery. However, the experience we ended up having at the National Gallery wasn’t exactly what I had anticipated, and I would like to give an honest recap about our experience.

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IN PRACTICE: Asking the right questions

Questions are vital in our work with children. The Early Years Framework (EYLF) and the Framework for School Age Care (FSAC) encourage us to view children’s learning holistically – not as a block of knowledge to be “transmitted” to each child, but as a complex creation of relationships, interests and meaning.

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